About us


Fat Cats Design, LLC

Fat Cats Design, you home for custom rhinestone shirts

Fat Cats Design was established in 2017 and basically is a two person operation.  Occasionally our president, Oliver J, will inspect shirts prior to shipping, so you might get a cat hair on your shirt. Each rhinestone shirt is made by hand in Kansas. 

Each rhinestone shirt is bedazzled by hand. There is no machine placing rhinestones on a mask. Yes, they receive the bling by hand. Designed by me, not a software package that designs some boring rhinestone design that uses the least amount of rhinestones.

Each rhinestone shirt is checked for flaws as it is populated on the shirt.  The rhinestones are pressed on the shirts at 320 degrees for 19 seconds. 

Yes, you can purchase just the rhinestone design so you can press it on your own garment or you can send me your garment for application.